PCB Design Services

Using industry standard packages our design team will ensure that we produce the optimum board design for you. During the design cycle, we continually assess the layout to identify any potential problem areas including manufacturing and assembly issues to avoid costly modifications.

Our PCB Design Services includes:

  • Schematic Capture from various packages
  • Board design from single sided through to complex multi-layer
  • RF, digital and analogue layouts
  • Boards using BGA, micro QFPs and SMD components
  • Controlled impedance and high speed layouts
  • Flexi and flexi rigid circuits
  • Various output formats including Gerber, PDF, DXF, and IDF files (for importing 3D images into Solid Works)
  • Arranging the manufacture of prototype bare boards using quality PCB manufacturers
  • Various industry standard CAD packages supported

We have experience of many industry sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Transport
  • RF
  • Marine
  • Security
  • Computer sector
  • Power Supplies

Whether you need expertise for the full design cycle or help with just part of it, Cistron will work with you to give you the PCB design you want.

In addition to our comprehensive, in house PCB design services, we can also provide an on site PCB design services if needed or a mix of both on and off site as required.